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Welcome To The Management Information System!    :::News:::   IM Selection Examination 2019-Level I:- The Department of Mathematics conducts IM Selection Examination 2019 for Level I Students on 2019.05.14 at 12.00 to 1.00 pm at MLT I, MLT II. All students who have already registered to IM subject should take this test in order to follow IM. Head/Maths    Commencement of academic activities:- The academic activities of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ruhuna will be started on 13th May 2019 and eligible students can report to hostels from 12th May 2019. Students must support the university staff and security personnel to check them.    Important notice to all students: :- All students are advised to attend lectures, practical classes and other academic activities everyday as scheduled . There is no any cancellation.    BCS Level II- CSC 2242 Lecture Time Change:- CSC 2242 lecture will be held on Tuesday 10 am 12pm at Mini Auditorium with effect from 5th November. Therefore Monady 8.00am -10.00am time slot is cancelled for CSC2242.    Change in timetable for 28th and 29th June 2018:- All students are informed to use time tables for Mondays on 28th June 2018 and time tables for Tuesdays on 29th June 2018.    Re-opening of the Faculty of Science::- Academic activities of the Faculty of Science will be restarted on Thursday 21/06/2018. Hostels will be open from 3.00 pm on Wednesday 20/06/2018.    CSC113a :- Notice for students who follow CSC113a. Tomorrow 01/06/2018 the lecture CSC113a is not conducted. COM1111 lecture will be conducted only for the physical science students.    Notice: Reopening of the faculty of science::- Academic activities of the faculty of science will be restarted on Wednesday, 30/05/2018 for all students of the faculty. Dean, Faculty of Science    Welcome to parents meeting:- Parents meeting with staff will be conducted from 10.00 am today (23/05/2018) at the Faculty of Science. All parents are warmly welcome for the meeting.    REMINDER:- Decision of Faculty Board 08/05/2018: all students must notice that there will be no discussions to reopen the faculty if the students of the faculty of science stay at the hostels or university as all university premises are out of bound for them.    Re-opening of the faculty::- All students must notice that any unauthorized activity by students within the university premises or hostels will only be contributing to delays in re-opening of the faculty. Students are advised to refrain from engaging in any unauthorized activity.    Notice to all students::- Faculty of Science is closed and all students of the faculty of science are informed to vacate the hostels and university premises before 12.00 noon on May 05, 2018. Dean, Faculty of Science    Notice to all students::- Faculty of Science is closed and all students of the faculty of science are informed to vacate the hostels and university premises before 12.00 noon on May 05, 2018. Dean, Faculty of Science    Interview for the selection for B.Sc (Special) Degree i:- Interview for the selection for B.Sc (Special) Degree in Mathematics 2018 The following students are selected for the above interview. The interview will be held on April 26, 2018 at 10.00 am onwards in the department of Mathematics. 1. SC/2015/9351    Selected list for B.Sc. Special Degree in Zoology - 201:- Selected list for B.Sc. Special Degree in Zoology 2018 Index No Name 1 SC/2015/9240 SACHITHRA R.R.S. 2 SC/2015/9280 RUPASINGHE M.A.M. 3 SC/2015/9281 GUNARATHNA S.D. 4 SC/2015/9289 PIUMALI G.D.S.R. 5 SC/2015/9310 JAYASINGHE M.V. 6 SC/2015/93    Special Degree -Chemistry Interviews -2018:- The interviews for Chemistry special Degree will be held on 19th Thursday from 9 am on ward at the Department of Chemistry. List has been displayed in FOSMIS and Notice boards    ZOO 2142:- Notice. This is to inform you that the lectures and practical of course unit ZOO 2142: Conservation and Management of Biological Resources will commence from the 1st week of semester I, 2018, and will continue 1-7 week of the semester I instead to 8 -    COMMENCEMENT OF ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES OF SEMESTER 1, 2018:- The academic activities of the Semester 1 of 2018 will be started on 18/04/2018. Students who were selected for hostels are advised to report to their hostels in the afternoon on 17/04/2018: Dean, Faculty of Science.     Notice to all science students::- Due to the trade union action by the non-academic staff of the university, the Faculty of Science of the University of Ruhuna will not commence normal academic activities for students on 05th March 2018    Calling applications for BSc/BCS special degree program:- Students who completed BSc Level II and BCS Level III examinations are invited to submit applications for special degree programs through FOSMIS on or before 21/02/2018. Dean/Science    ZOO 1202 Assessment:- ZOO 1202 (Invertebrate Diversity II) The assessment of ZOO 1202 (Invertebrate Diversity II) will be held on 10th January 2018 from 9 - 10 am. Coordinator ZOO 1202     Excursion - Botany on 16.06.2017:- Dear 2nd year Bio Students, We will leave sharp at 6.30 am tomorrow and therefore please be at the gate by 6.15am. Head/Botany     Commencement of academic activities:- Academic activities will be commenced on Monday 05th June 2017. Dean/Science    Selection for Special Degree in Zoology – 2017:- Interviews to select students for the special degree in zoology will be held at 9.00 pm onwards at the Department of Zoology. Following students are requested to be present.     Interview -Special Degree - Chemistry:- The interviews is scheduled on 21st Tuesday at 9 am at the Department of Chemistry. The list of the names have been displayed in the Notice boards and in the FOSMIS    Course Registration:- Extended the Course Registration till 04th January 2017    Active Citizenship Course Unit (FSC 2212) (Level II stu:- An aptitude test will be held on 31st August 2016 at Physics Lecture Theatre at 2.00 p.m. for the students those who have registered for the above course unit. Based on the results of the aptitude test, thirty students will be allowed to take the course.    Special Degree Registration:- Dear Students Registration is now open for Botany Special Degree Part I and II till 26.082016. BOT 4202, BOT 4223 are only for Part II. Contact respective unit coordinators.    Commencement of Semester II - 2016:- This is to inform all the students of the Faculty of Science that academic activities of the Semester II will be started on Monday 15/08/2016. Dean Faculty of Science University of Ruhuna August 09, 2016    Notice:- Semester(II) Course Registration now Available ,Dead Line 19th AUG 2016.    Level I Students:- Permanent Registration Numbers and FOSMIS usernames are issued. Check Notices  

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Contribution to Development  F O S M I S

  • Professor WGD Dharmarathna (Advisory) dharma--a--t--phy.ruh.ac.lk
  • Dr. Janak R. Wedagedera (Supervision/ Administration) ::: janak--a--t--maths.ruh.ac.lk
  • Sathiska Udayanga (Foundation Developer, v3.1)::: 2009-2011 ::: info--a--t--edulanka.com
  • Amal Ranganath (Animations /Developments):::2009 ::: amalranganath--a--t--gmail.com
  • Iranga Muthumala (Second Stage Developer, v3.2):::2011 ::: imuthumala--a--t--gmail.com

History of  F O S M I S

Version 1.0

Developed as a project of the course FSC32P2 offered by ITRC, Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna by Sathiska Udayanga and Amal Ranganath with supervision of Dr. Janak R. Wedagedara in 2009. Only testing data had been used. Project duration : March - November 2009

Version 2.0

Version 1.0 had been updated with real data of Faculty of Science and tested the system. System went live with real data as a pilot project in parallel with manual procedures (Mar 2010 to Oct 2010).

Version 3.0

Implementation of FOSMIS in the faculty incorporating all academic staff members, students and other faculty/departmental staff. (Oct 2010 - Dec 2012)

Version 3.1

Completed Attendance management system, Messaging system, upgrading of the code fixing some security issues in session management (Jan 2013 - Aug-2013).

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