Payment of Mahapola Scholarships

University Grants Commission selects students who satisfy the eligibility criteria to receive the Mahapola scholarships in every admission year. The selected list of students will be sent to Mahapola Trust Fund for monthly payments.

Mahapola scholarships are awarded in two different basis namely merit scholarships and ordinary scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to the students who have scored highest marks at G.C.E. A/L examination and ordinary scholarships are awarded to the students from families of lower income levels.10% of the total number of scholarships will be awarded on merit basis and balance 90% will be ordinary scholarships.

Payments are made in 10 installments per academic year and a student receives a sum of Rs.5050/- or Rs.5000/- per installment as merit or ordinary scholarship jointly from the Mahapola Trust Fund and University Grants Commission.

Selected students are requested to mandate a bank account at the Peoples’ Bank (in any branch) and to submit the details of account to the Student Affairs Branch for payment arrangements. The payment will be made for all students who sign the signature sheets of the Mahapola scholarships every month by crediting to the bank accounts. Students will be informed by notices about the dates on which these installments will be paid by the Student Affairs Branch.

Those who fail to sign the signature sheets before the dead line can appeal to obtain relevant Mahapola scholarship installment by forwarding a duly completed application  (Download Sinhala Download English) form with evidence to support the reason for not signing within the same month through the Dean of the Faculty to the approval of the Deputy Vice Chancellor.

The Mahapola scholarship payment will be suspended by the Mahapola Trust Fund if a student fails to sign in the sign sheets for two consecutive months.