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Contribution to Development  F O S M I S

  • Professor WGD Dharmarathna (Advisory) dharma--a--t--phy.ruh.ac.lk
  • Dr. Janak R. Wedagedera (Supervision/ Administration) ::: janak--a--t--maths.ruh.ac.lk
  • Sathiska Udayanga (Foundation Developer, v3.1)::: 2009-2011 ::: info--a--t--edulanka.com
  • Amal Ranganath (Animations /Developments):::2009 ::: amalranganath--a--t--gmail.com
  • Iranga Muthumala (Second Stage Developer, v3.2):::2011 ::: imuthumala--a--t--gmail.com

History of  F O S M I S

Version 1.0

Developed under research project called FSC32p2 offered by ITRC, Faculty of Science; University of Ruhuna by Sathiska Udayanga and Amal Ranganath with supervision of Dr. Janak R. Wedagedara in 2009. Only testing data used for present the project outcome. Project duration : March - November 2009

Version 2.0

Updated developed system in stage 1 with real data of Faculty of Science and test the system issues and convert the system as actual system. (Mar 2010 to Oct 2010)

Version 3.0

Implemented fomfmis into faculty of Science and liberalize it for all academic staff members, students and some other staff members. (Oct 2010 - up todate)

Version 3.1

Completed Attendance management system and large update had been done for fomfmis.

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